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Beer Shopping

I went beer shopping and this time I went to local.  I stopped by Lone Hill Liquor, a place in Glendora where I can always find a great variety of Craft Beers.  This time I picked up Bitches Brew, a beer that was all the talk months back in the beer world.  It was released by Dogfish Head to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Miles Davis original release of Bitches Brew.  I caught the episode of Brew Masters on Discovery, the one on the making of this and I became interested in it but I hadn’t seen around the beer locales I frequent.  The other stop was to BevMo, where I got the rest of the beer you see pictured below

Miles Davis Bitches Brew by Dogfish
Head – $16.99

Le Merle by North Coast Brewing Co –

Le Freak by Green Flash –

Chocolate Porter by Bayhawk Ales –

Turbo Dog by Abita Beer – $8.99 (6


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Christmas Ale 2010 by Anchor Brewing

Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale 2010

Anchor Brewing Company’s 2010 Christmas Ale, a winter warmer with a low ABV at 5.50%.  The low ABV makes it perfect if you want to enjoy a few of these ales during Christmas, especially if you want to stay up and wait for the Baby Jesus to deliver your gifts.  I visited Anchor’s website where I learned that they’ve been brewing this Christmas Ale since 1975, each years ingredients are different as the labels.  Take a look at the different labels through the years, here.

Cherries, nutmeg, malt, and I got a bit of funky yeast in the aroma.  The body of the ale was light, slight tartness with nice dark notes, plums, cherries, and malt.  The light body of the beer was great, nothing overpowering and great balanced flavors. It’s my first time having this particular Christmas ale and I really enjoyed it.

I had this with my Christmas dinner and it was great to sip on.  A few of our guests had it too and found the ale tasty.  I’ll be buying this every year and you should too, be sure to pick up a six and even gift one, help spread holiday beer for this Four Beer Caps ale.

Throw one back for me ~ Cheers!

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Merry Christmas

Wishing you a great holiday season filled with great beer.



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Paulaner’s Salvator (doppel bock)

Every now and then someone comes up to me and asks me to name my favorite beer. I never name just one, but rather reply by saying that I can tell them about a few on my top ten. This doppel bock, is, one of my top ten favorite beers and I’m not sure why it took so long to blog a review about it, but here it is. I drank two of them this past weekend, this to make sure I remembered why I love this beer. This is a beer you don’t see at bar or hear much about. “Bock is a term for a strong lager from Germany and Dopple’s are a stronger maltier version.” (wikipedia)

Lots of malt, molasses, and alcohol is very strong and present in the nose. The body of the beer is light with the flavor of molasses, bready notes, malt, light peach, and strong alcohol finish with honey aftertaste. To me, the beer tastes better when it’s warm; all of the great flavors of the beer are present and hit every spot on the tongue.

This is a definite 5 beer caps and when I go shopping at the cerveza spot, I pick up a few; at $2.50 a bottle I have to and they are a bargain compared to the rest of the expensive stuff. Give this beer a shot and tell me what you think of it.


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I Went Shopping

I went shopping today for some much needed beer. This is the first time I put together the entry for the blog entirely from iPhone and iPad. The process was simple to do thanks to the WordPress App. All other times I’ve done most of the work on the computer and done minor word editing on phone and pictures with Photoshop; all pictures below are out of the box, no editing.

Below is what I bought and what I’ll be reviewing the next few days; $34.93 worth of beer.

Telegraph Oatmeal Stout $8.99

Anchor Brewing Co, Christmas Ale $10.99 a six pack

Flying Dog Brewery, Gonzo Imperial Porter $9.95 a 4 pack

Random picture off the choices taken with an Instagram iPhone app.

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Fathers Office

Had another outing with the usual suspects and this time we visited Fathers Office;a location I’ve visited a few times now and like coming to. This place is known for their burger, yes singular, and their variety of beers on draft or bottled. You can’t make reservations and they don’t have table service so you should get here early to avoid drinking while standing. I had three beer this night, two of which were really good and will pick up to enjoy at home.

Ballast Point – Sculpin IPA

The first beer was ordered and it was a circus to find out what the hell was ordered; of course since I was going to blog about it I had to learn what I was drinking. Before I knew what I was drinking I was actually enjoying the sip of the beer and making notes on it. After a few trips back to the bar by my friend Rich, he was finally told that we were drinking Ballast Point Sculpin IPA; he’s on an IPA binge and asked for an IPA instead of naming one, the bartender served him the Sculpin but he walked away without asking what we were served. The IPA had great citrus and pine aroma and was extremely bitter with a thick body that left a nice coat on the tongue.

Maredsous 10 – Tripel

Maredsous 10, our second beer of the night had a delightful fruity aroma with sweet banana bread like taste and a faint citrus aftertaste in the sweetness. It was simple but tasty and makes me want to delve into Belgians a bit more.

Deschutes – Jubelale

Deschutes Jubelale was my least favorite of the three beers but liked it during the first few sips. I’m excited after I sniff and pick out the different spices or ingredients a beer like this one, but in the end I’m put off by how sweet they can become. I’m not sure what it is, but maybe the malt is sweet enough for my palate that the rest of the sweet spices over does it for me. This beer could be poured over a waffle or pancake; I’ve said this before about another beer, but it’s true. The beer had a malty aroma with dark notes of brown sugar, toffee, and sweet fruits that were all present in the flavor along with a light hop aftertaste. I mentioned that I liked the first few sips of the beer, and the reason for it is the medium body and light carbonation that was present with the flavors during the sip.

Visit Fathers Office when you get a chance as they have great beer and food options that won’t disappoint. I had their burger (a must if you ever visit) and some potatoes that were delicious. The potatoes were drizzled with a garlic butter and smoked paprika. The burger is served with bleu cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula.

Throw one back for me – cheers!


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Hopportunity Knocks

Caldera Brewing Co’s Hopportunity Knocks

I normally don’t pick up beers I’ve never heard of and there is a reason for it, good beer my friends… is not cheap. I average around $60 when I go shopping for beer, but I’ve spent as little as $20 on two to three bottles and on certain occasions as much as $100; this last figure is rare and it happens when I go shopping to replenish the beer cellar or when doing a trade. This time I thought I’d grab something I never heard of but not get something outrageous like a watermelon/lime infused flavored beer. I told myself to look for something I might like, and I went with an IPA. I find the label a bit cheesy but it works with the name and it’s not about the label, but rather it’s contents.

Hopportunity Knocks is a seasonal brew labeled as “Kettle Series ~ Small Batch” and their website reads that it’s only available in Oregon, which means someone smuggled this contraband out of the state. The aroma of the beer is of hop and malt, simple. The IPA has a very bright piney flavor and just like in the scent, it’s malty. The malt sweetness is present throughout the sip and the bitter hop notes are around, but they aren’t strong. When the beer got warm the malt takes over the hop although it’s still there, but the warmth makes a bit of orange flavor surface.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I’m interested in learning about the different hops used to brew beer, and one thing I “think” I learned, thanks to this beer, is the difference between a Centennial Hop and a Cascade Hop. I say think, because I’m sure there are other hops out there that might be similar to the ones I mentioned. The label states that it uses 100% Centennial Hops, because of this I was able to notice that the herb/pine aroma and flavor was missing the citrus notes, which are found in the popular and often used Cascade Hop. – for this – cheers to me!

I think that this beer could be one that can be introduced to those who don’t like very bitter beers; the malt sweetness helps cut through that. If you are out there and in need of exploring and waking your beer palates, then I recommend you pick this one up and move towards something new and away from the wheat beers. The IPA by Caldera Brewing is not a great one but not a bad one either; it’s an average tasting IPA and it merits no more than Three Beer Caps.

Throw one back for me – cheers!

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