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Victory Hop Devil

An Ale beer by Victory named Hop Devil, and rightfully so as you’ll get an ass whoopin’ from the hops. You first taste the malt and I was surprised by a bite of spiciness; surprising yet pleasant.  Bubbles coated my tongue, which is where the spicy came from.  It’s a very hoppy beer in flavor and aroma with a lingering bitter taste.

Next post I think we’ll have to implement a rating system.


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Huma Lupa Licious

An IPA beer by Shorts Brewing pictured with what will be my summer read, Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain.

It’s good to have friends in the right places, specifically, in states with good breweries.  I tried this last year during the first beer exchange I had with my beer buddy Steve, he lives in Michigan.  Lots of good breweries are in Michigan and sadly their contents aren’t distributed in Kalifornia.

As I poured,  I immediately smelled the hops.  It’s a very bitter beer with the hop herb hitting you on the back end.  Lots of people described it with hints of citrus, but I didn’t get any at all.  As it warmed, it became malty with very faint notes of sweetness and the hop aroma gave way to the smell of alcohol.  This beer is right up my alley as I have a tendency to like bitter and hoppy beers.  I would like to drink it again and have it served with a thick pork chop and caramelized onions; the sweetness would probably cut through the bitterness and blend well with the great hoppyness of the beer.

This being my first beer review has turned out to be harder than I thought.  I took notes and thought I would be able to write something with ease, it wasn’t so, yet it was fun.  What will I drink next? Same Bat Channel, stick around…

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Happy Fathers Day! My First Beer Experience

For most, the experience of their first sip of beer or an alcoholic beverage is when they are underage and it probably wasn’t pleasant, but for me, it was quite the opposite.  I was luck enough to share my first sips of beer with my father.  It was the summer of 1991, we were in Mexico driving through the hot Sonoran Desert, an area where temperatures can reach 120F; we were making our way to the border city of Nogales from the city of Guadalajara.  Like most teenagers, after 20 minutes into our drive, I ran out of relevant things to talk about with Dad, so we were forced to share long periods of dead silence. The iPod didn’t exist at the time and the tape deck was busted, luckily the radio worked, but it meant that I frequently searched for a station on the dial.  It wasn’t a fun trip and I would put myself to sleep to avoid the torturous boredom.  For most of the two-day trek, we drove alongside vehicles which had California plates, but I noticed this one truck in particular had Arizona plates.  When we stopped to refuel and to grab a bite, we would also see the truck with the Arizona license plate, but I don’t recall my father and the other driver share a nod or even a stare.  During one of the numerous moments we drove parallel with the Arizona truck, the driver raised a Corona as if to motion if Dad wanted one, Dad accepted.  My father and the driver took their foot off the gas, slowed the vehicles down, I lowered the window and the man driving the truck threw a beer our way and I yelled, GRACIAS!  I opened the beer and handed it to my dad, he took a big swig and gave it back to me.  I held the beer with both hands, it cooled them immediately and it felt like the beer had been sitting in the Arctic before it was carved off the ice and sent our way.  Out of nowhere my father said to me, “echale un trago”, give it a sip.  It was an awkward moment, as I never expected my dad to offer me a drink, much less at the age of 14.  I complied and lifted the cold sweaty bottle of Corona to my lips and took a small sip; it was refreshing and it felt like it instantly lowered my core by a few degrees.  I wanted to hand my father the bottle after I took the sip, feeling silly and not knowing how to react, but he asked me to drink again. After the second sip he took the bottle from me, took a long gulp and drank what was left of the beer and threw the bottle outside the window.  I don’t remember what was playing on the radio, but I remember him staring down the highway not looking at me asking, “it was good, wasn’t it?” I nodded and sheepishly replied, si.  For the remainder of the trip I thought of the taste of beer and how great it felt to hold and drink from a cold bottle.

This is a fond memory and I’ve thought about it often in recent days for a reason, my father has suffered his second heart attack at the age of 82.  Since the recent hospitalization and follow up appointments we’ve learned that only 25% of his heart is functioning, that he has an enlarged heart, and a clogged aorta.  It sounds like a mess but he’s in very good spirits, alive and kickin’!  I hold on to this memory not knowing what’s in store for Don Ignacio, but we all hope to have him around for another 82 years.

Happy Fathers Day, I love you and thank you for those first sips of beer; I toast to your health!

I’m pictured with a Huma Lupa Licious by Shorts Brewing, that post is coming up later today.


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Why A Beer Blog?

Why a beer blog?  Years back I had a personal/daily life kind of blog, at first I was caught up with all the excitement of being a blogger, putting stuff out there for all of the world to read, actually it was about three readers, but it was fun.  In the beginning I posted daily, then weekly, and then I stopped.  I’ve gone back to those older posts, read them, and realized how much fun it was to write them, but it was hard to keep up with the blog.  Lots has changed since I stopped posting on the former blog, I’ve started a love affair, and you guessed it, the mistress is beer.  As an enthusiast of craft beer and with the recent movement of it, I started reading blogs, subscribed to magazines, visited bars, went to beer festivals, and even sent beer packages across the US, in exchange for beers not available in California.  As I read beer blogs, magazines, and documented the beers I drank through Twitter and Facebook, I thought and told the one man team that is me, lets start a beer blog! You already post pictures and sometimes give your opinion on them, why not put a few more words together and post a review on your very own blog.  I plan on being active with the blog and it will probably be easy to keep myself motivated as I do drink often.

I hope the beer blog grows in popularity because I sure know my beer gut will.

Omar Kalifornia @CervezaPlease


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