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The Falcon IPA


My first visit to Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach was over two years ago, my wife Alicia, took me there for lunch on my birthday; they also have a location in Seal Beach. I don’t recall specifically what I had that day, but I know it was a pulled pork sandwich and a few good brews. I was in Long Beach in recent days having lunch with family just down the street from Beachwood BBQ, and I thought it would be good to go pick up some beer. I was in the mood for an IPA and got a chance to sample two of them, the Melrose, labeled a West Coast IPA and The Falcon, an American IPA; both were delicious, but I filled my growler with The Falcon IPA.


I poured myself some of the beer the next day in one of my new IPA glassware, the beer had a nice amber color. The aroma of The Falcon IPA had sweet notes of malt and bright floral citrus notes, but the pungent hop aroma dominates. The sip is very refreshing, it’s a hop bomb! Low carbonation with a small amount of malt sweetness up front and it’s all hop from there. Citrus, pine, and tropical fruits mix nicely to create an intense hop flavor while a bitter citric rind aftertaste will remain after the wash.



I really enjoyed drinking this beer and it’s too bad that I don’t live near Beachwood BBQ as I know I’d be there frequently, eating and drinking. I’ve been thinking of going back very soon to have a meal there and to fill my growler with more delicious beers. If you’re in the area, cheek them and out and get a pint of The Falcon, it was 4 out 5 Beer Caps delicious!


Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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Jai Alai IPA


Jai Alai is brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. Cigar City Brewing showed up on my radar when I first read an article online about a small brewery out of Florida, weeks later I began to notice beers from this brewery when my CervezaPlease Instagram contacts were posting pictures of their beers and I noticed their labels. Cigar City is taking a “local” approach if you will, when it comes to brewing as I understand, but in a broader way as they try to brew and present to you regional flavors typical of Florida. They have become very popular among my online beer circles and have garnered lots of accolades in a short period, but judging from the liquid that can came in the can, it’s rightfully so.



The aroma in this beer was what I expect from an IPA, pungent hops, citrus, mixed with a bit of fruit and lots of earthy malt; a very nice balance of citrus and hop fill the nose. A nice bright copper color filled the glass when poured. Medium to high carbonation will tickle the tongue. The flavor was delicious, citrus in the sip, grapefruit, with a malt backbone, finished by a lemon peel bitterness; stupendous!


This is not a West Coast IPA, let me categorize it as we tend do with everything else in this country, it’s more of a Midwest/Michigan style IPA where the malt crashes the party and marries the hops. In my opinion, any style of beer can be enjoyed any time of year, but if you can pick this one up this Spring and upcoming Summer it will be a delicious resfreshment that will quench your thirst. I have another can on deck to pop open soon, can’t wait. A solid IPA by Cigar City, Four Beer Caps.


Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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