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Saison Ale by Odonata Brewing

From the moment I popped the bottle and took a whiff of the beer, I pictured myself in a barn wearing overalls and a straw hat; the label had that effect on me. It was certainly a treat from a brewery I’ve never heard of that’s located in Sacramento. I looked them up and while searching, I learned Odonata is a term for dragonflies; you see, something good can come from drinking beer.

This ale had a funky/yeasty aroma, some citrus, and a bit of malt. On the sip, it had nice carbonation with a bit of bananas hints, citrus, dry herb/grassy hop flavor and it left my mouth dry, and the yeast funk was there too; overall refreshing.

Saison, it means season in French and I thought this ale was fantastique. I’ll be looking for other beers by Odonata since I enjoyed this one, but in the meantime I’ll rate this one four beer caps.

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