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Cerise by Founders

The appearance of the beer was just like the Consecration I had a few weeks ago, but this wasn’t a sour ale and it had less carbonation. The Ale carried an aroma of fruit, wheat, and cherries. It had a nice cherry flavor with a sweet finish, lightly tart but not too dry. You get a nice balance between the tart and sweetness. Malt notes, but the sweetness you taste comes from the cherries and not the malt.

I’ve had my share of flavored beers and it’s rare when I enjoy them from first to last sip and this became another one of those beers. For me it was a beer that I enjoyed during the first few sips, it was refreshing and light, but the novelty on the palate wore off shortly after. I’ve learned to enjoy a warm beer; especially those last few sips that really let you know what a beer is made of, but with this Ale wouldn’t let me do that. I concluded that this beer should be drank cold, but sip it fast because if it gets warm you might not like the taste of it.

I don’t recall how many beers I’ve had from Founders Brewery, but out of all the ones I’ve tried, this has been my least favorite thus far; two beer caps Cerise.


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Goodbye Hopslam: A Pictorial

Saying goodbye to a good beer in pictures.


Grilling a steak.

A Ribeye

Cooked just how I like it, raw.

Steak & Beer = Perfection

To a Good Brew

If you want to read the review on Bell’s Hopslam click here.


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