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Cerise by Founders

The appearance of the beer was just like the Consecration I had a few weeks ago, but this wasn’t a sour ale and it had less carbonation. The Ale carried an aroma of fruit, wheat, and cherries. It had a nice cherry flavor with a sweet finish, lightly tart but not too dry. You get a nice balance between the tart and sweetness. Malt notes, but the sweetness you taste comes from the cherries and not the malt.

I’ve had my share of flavored beers and it’s rare when I enjoy them from first to last sip and this became another one of those beers. For me it was a beer that I enjoyed during the first few sips, it was refreshing and light, but the novelty on the palate wore off shortly after. I’ve learned to enjoy a warm beer; especially those last few sips that really let you know what a beer is made of, but with this Ale wouldn’t let me do that. I concluded that this beer should be drank cold, but sip it fast because if it gets warm you might not like the taste of it.

I don’t recall how many beers I’ve had from Founders Brewery, but out of all the ones I’ve tried, this has been my least favorite thus far; two beer caps Cerise.


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Goodbye Hopslam: A Pictorial

Saying goodbye to a good beer in pictures.


Grilling a steak.

A Ribeye

Cooked just how I like it, raw.

Steak & Beer = Perfection

To a Good Brew

If you want to read the review on Bell’s Hopslam click here.


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Stout Burgers with a Gubna

This past Wednesday I suggested to my wife, @Hvnlydlite, that we go eat at Stout Burgers & Beers before going to see Empire of The Sun at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood. We ate here before already and it was also before a concert. We thought our previous experience was good enough to pay them a new visit; we enjoyed their burgers and I liked the beer selection. I looked at the beer choices and realized that some of the options that I liked, I could buy at my frequented beer stores, so I asked the server about any beers they might have on tap they have recently received and weren’t on the menu. I was in luck as they had just received an Imperial IPA called Gubna from Oskar Blues and another I don’t recall. I sampled both beers she mentioned and I opted for the Gubna. My experience this time around was better as our server came to us right away to ask if we were ready to order or had any questions. During our previous visit, we were sitting for a few minutes before I had to point out to someone that we hadn’t been helped yet; this time around there were no mishaps, the service was great and attentive.

The wife ordered the Shu Burger: pepper jack, light bell spread, grilled avocado chipotle sauce. I ordered the Stout Burger: blue cheese, emi Gruyere, rosemary bacon, caramelized onion, horseradish cream. We had an order of onion rings which were fried to perfection and an order of fries sprinkled with dry oregano and thyme; next time I make fries at home I will add the dry herbs, they would be perfect for a beer session. @Hvnlydlite didn’t say much other than she liked it, I on the other hand only tasted the blue cheese and caramelized onions out of all of the ingredients; I enjoyed the fries and rings more than the burgers. The burger was juicy, so the flavor of the meat was good, but I was left wanting more in flavor from the rest of ingredients. The last time I was there I had a burger called the Six Weeker, which came with, camembert, fig jam, mild jack, arugula, and caramelized onions; I really liked that burger, and if I visit them again I’ll probably order that instead.

The Gubna beer was served a little on the cold side, so I had to wait a bit so it could warm up; this was a good opportunity to snap some food porn pictures. It had an aroma of bread and bitter hop. The flavor stages were of hop, sweetness, and bitterness that was well balanced and left you with a slightly fruity aftertaste. Most of the Oskar Blues beer are meant to be drank out of the can, so I’m not sure if what I previously described would be experienced when this beer is in one.

With so many beer choices and this being an expensive can, I won’t go out of my way to order or buy this beer again; Oskar Blues four/six pack of cans are not cheap, always above $8.99; take for instance a four pack of Ten Fidy at $15.99, with that said, I love their Old Chub Irish Ale, for that I don’t mind spending $8.99 a six pack. The Gubna turns out to be a solid beer, but not a great one like Stones 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA I had recently. Three beer caps for the Gubna and he better be happy he’s not being recalled.


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Dodgers Win = Getting Paid with Beer

This season for interleague play the Los Angeles Dodgers played against the Detroit Tigers, and since Steve is a Tiger’s fan I thought we’d put a little wager on the series.  Steve is my buddy that lives in Michigan, the one you’ve read about in my previous posts.  If our team won the series, a six-pack of beers would be shipped to the winner.  It turns out the Dodgers took the Series 2 out of 3 games, they almost swept the Tigers, but I have to be honest, I thought I’d be the one shipping him the beers as I haven’t had much faith this season in the Boys in Blue.  I won’t get into much detail, but lets just say I haven’t been happy with the public divorce of the McCourts, and because of the didvorce, the team checkbook has been closed and they did not spend money on the Ace pitcher we so desperately needed to end the 22 year championship dry spell.

I’ve been looking for beers brewed by 3 Floyd’s here in Southern California, but haven’t had much luck. as they don’t ship to CA; I was really glad to see it when I unwrapped the beers.  The other beer is from Bell’s; so far I’ve liked all the stuff I’ve had from them, including the Hopslam I recently reviewed.  With the shipment I was also lucky enough to get some of Steve’s home brew, I’ve seen this guy brew his beer for years now and I will finally get to try it.

Love the great artwork on the bottles.

I’m drinking lemonade as I write this, but I’m heading to the beer cellar after this and will put some of this beer in the fridge to review later this weekend and during the week.  Hope you enjoy your weekend folks.

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Hopslam & Burgers

I was introduced to this beer during the first beer trade I had with my buddy Steve.  At the time I wasn’t drinking beers with a strong hop flavor or embracing them like I do today.  When I first drank it I knew right away this was a style I would enjoy and sad that I only got one in the trade; with the last shipment earlier in the year I ended up with six of them!  I surely treasured them as these are only brewed and sold once a year, but when Steve knew I had some left he told this rookie beer guy to get to drinking or the hop flavor and aroma would be gone; I’m still wet behind the ears, but I now know for next time.

An aroma of fruit and hops that’s truly sublime and very few beers has such blend.  The ale is brewed with honey, the combination of honey and malt sweetness combines nicely with the hop.  It’s a medium body beer with a bit of bitterness, but fantastic from the first sip to finish, a hopslam!  As the beer got warm it became sweeter, gave a fruitier aroma, and the alcohol taste got stronger just by a bit.

I really enjoy drinking this beer and it’s the reason why I was saving it as if the apocalypse were upon us.  I drank two last weekend and I’m bummed that I only have one left; like I mentioned above, it’s only brewed once a year and I hope to get some next year.  I love summer because I love grilling, but hate the heat; this summer here in Los Angeles we’ve averaged mid 80’s and I hope I don’t jinx it by talking about it.  The beer goes well with anything grilled and this past weekend I made some burgers.

I have one beer left and I’m thinking I’ll have a big piece of steak with it to say goodbye to this wonderful beer.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying this beer I recommend you get a hold of it because it rates a perfect five beer caps.


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Consecration by Russian River

I poured the beer, smelled it, and my immediate thought was, “This can’t be beer”; I was intrigued.  It is a style I’ve never had before, Sour Ale.  Bubbly like champagne when you pour it and just like it, the head fades fast.  A sour and fruity aroma, at first I couldn’t place the scent, but after I tried it, I realized that it was of grapes, sour grapes; later remembered the beer label read “with added currants”.  I had fun with it and found myself slurping it to create bubbles; the carbonation gave you a mouthful of flavor.  Just like with the aroma there is a noticeable grape and cherry flavor followed by citrus notes; a great flavor combination.  I puckered after the first taste and it would leave me with a dry mouth after it washed down.  There is lots of acid and bubbly goodness, a good contrast in flavor compared to the beers I’ve been drinking lately.

This can be a beer you can serve to your guests when you serve your main dish, with the fruit and acid note blend, it is sure to enhance the flavor of a good home cooked meal.  Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have any background on sours and this made it difficult to rate it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.  The fact that I’ve been thinking all day about pairing this beer with a meal makes it worthy of five beer caps.


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