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Sancha by Skyscraper Brewing

This is a Mexican-style lager called Sancha, it’s by Skyscraper, a local brewery just a few cities over from where I live. I’ve had another beer by Skycraper, Lug Nut Lager, a good one, but that was maybe two years ago when I was starting this craft beer thing. Let’s get back to this one, like the great Vin Scully frequently says when broadcasting Dodgers games.

Sancha had lots of citrus aroma combined with grains and some dry grass field notes.  Lots of bubbly carbonation with citrus notes present throughout the entire sip and a bit tartness.  I get the concept and where the idea originates for a Mexican style Cerveza, but there was never a break from the citrus and this is what I was put off by.  I don’t recall where I heard this, but to avoid flies landing on the beer can, Mexicans began to add lemon and salt on the mouth of it.

As to not upset the beer gods I drank the whole bottle, but I won’t have it again. You can go out and try it, but don’t expect complexity or balance, as it’s very one-dimensional.  The citrus acid in this beer can be used to marinade chicken or meat and it’s not meant to degrade the beer, just an idea. For those out there that enjoy squeezing lime or lemons into their beers, this would be right up their alley and for those that are slowly are turning away from the big beer companies and are introducing themselves to craft beer.  One Beer Cap for this one.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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