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Pontius Road Pilsner

This is a short and sweet review I’ve had ready for months, but it just sat there and now that I’m finally done posting pictures from my recent trip, I’ll get the wheels rolling on the beer reviews.  I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a pilsner on the blog and as I think of it, not a lot of love is out there from the breweries I frequently drink beer from or the popular ones.  I can’t name 10 maybe not even 5 pilsner’s off the top of my head from the craft breweries.


This beer is from Short’s Brewing, a beer for a spring or summer day when you don’t need to mow the lawn or work on the car, but you do it anyway to get away from the wife and kid.  It has very low alcohol, so you can drink a few while you enjoy the weather on a hammock.


Aromatically smells of piney citrus, dry straw, and just enough malt. The flavor is exactly the same with just enough bitterness to linger; great color as well.  A simple beer and nothing great or bad about it, but when you start to pick it apart and compare to pilsners, this has more character.


Solid. I’ll rate Three out of Five Beer Caps overall, but amongst it’s peer group of pilsner’s it’s a Four.


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