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Rogue’s Irish Style Lager


My wife and two year old daughter, Little O, have a traceable amount of Irish in their DNA and I’m a full blooded Mexican who’s never participated in drinking green beer and the most St. Patrick’s day celebrating I’ve done is to wear my green Notre Dame shirt. Since we have Irish DNA in the family, I thought I’d do a little celebrating this year, but I won’t go drinking green beer, instead, I’ll post something related to St. Patrick’s Day as it’s become synonymous with drinking beer and gave me an excuse to try a bottle of Irish Style lager by a famous brewery out of Oregon you probably all know, Rogue Ales. The inspiration for the beer came about when Rogue brewers wanted to make a beer that can float Guinness. I like finding out about the minutiae when reading about a beer. You?



The lager had a very simple flavor and aroma. The beer had a bit of a metallic aroma that was not present in the taste and the rest was all hops. Citrus peel flavor (lemon) mixed with some piney-ness from the hops and I got a bit of the apple, Granny Smith, which was described in the bottle. I had about 5 ounces at room temperature and nothing of what I described previously changed.



My current rating system is of whole Beer Caps and from time to time, I’ve thought about adding Half Caps for beers like this one. I’d rate the beer at 2.5, but since I don’t have that system implemented yet and to be fair to my trade, I’ll give it Three Beer Caps. This is as I mentioned, a very simplistic beer and that’s how I’ll keep my closing argument. I hope you enjoy and have a safe St. Patrick’s Day!


Throw one back for me ~ cheers


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Old Jubilation Ale


Old Jubilation Ale is of the Strong Ale variety made by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder Colorado.


Malt was the beers primarily aroma followed by roasted coffee, dark chocolate, some yeast funk, all combined with a strong alcohol presence. A malt backbone with some roasted notes, but the holidays don’t come to mind when I sip. I thought of a chocolate and nut biscotto when I first took a sip. Old Jubilation Ale has a nice creamy body and just the right amount of carbonation. The beer had a sweetness from the malt that I really enjoyed. Dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans are discernible, but its a boozy sip and the alcohol will overpower while the malt brings around. The finish is bitter from some hop flavor and leaves you with a dry mouth.



At 8.4% ABV, Old Jubilation Ale is one that can get you to bed early if you don’t mind what you’re drinking, so take it easy with it. The beer can be cellared for up to 2 years according to the bottle, I just might consider doing that to see how the character of the beer changes. I’ve enjoyed drinking this beer, but I was looking forward to some holiday spices in the beer, but it can go both ways as this can be an alternative to the heavily spiced winter warmer available at this time of year. Three Beer Caps for this one.



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Hopportunity Knocks

Caldera Brewing Co’s Hopportunity Knocks

I normally don’t pick up beers I’ve never heard of and there is a reason for it, good beer my friends… is not cheap. I average around $60 when I go shopping for beer, but I’ve spent as little as $20 on two to three bottles and on certain occasions as much as $100; this last figure is rare and it happens when I go shopping to replenish the beer cellar or when doing a trade. This time I thought I’d grab something I never heard of but not get something outrageous like a watermelon/lime infused flavored beer. I told myself to look for something I might like, and I went with an IPA. I find the label a bit cheesy but it works with the name and it’s not about the label, but rather it’s contents.

Hopportunity Knocks is a seasonal brew labeled as “Kettle Series ~ Small Batch” and their website reads that it’s only available in Oregon, which means someone smuggled this contraband out of the state. The aroma of the beer is of hop and malt, simple. The IPA has a very bright piney flavor and just like in the scent, it’s malty. The malt sweetness is present throughout the sip and the bitter hop notes are around, but they aren’t strong. When the beer got warm the malt takes over the hop although it’s still there, but the warmth makes a bit of orange flavor surface.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I’m interested in learning about the different hops used to brew beer, and one thing I “think” I learned, thanks to this beer, is the difference between a Centennial Hop and a Cascade Hop. I say think, because I’m sure there are other hops out there that might be similar to the ones I mentioned. The label states that it uses 100% Centennial Hops, because of this I was able to notice that the herb/pine aroma and flavor was missing the citrus notes, which are found in the popular and often used Cascade Hop. – for this – cheers to me!

I think that this beer could be one that can be introduced to those who don’t like very bitter beers; the malt sweetness helps cut through that. If you are out there and in need of exploring and waking your beer palates, then I recommend you pick this one up and move towards something new and away from the wheat beers. The IPA by Caldera Brewing is not a great one but not a bad one either; it’s an average tasting IPA and it merits no more than Three Beer Caps.

Throw one back for me – cheers!

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Alpha King by Three Floyds

A Pale Ale by Three Floyds with a great label; just look at it, the Hop King himself is flavoring the beer with his own hop-locks. There are times when labels mislead you, they look great and get you to buy the product, but they don’t deliver; quite the opposite with this one and if you’re a pale ale fan, you’ll be in for a treat. With Alpha King the Pale Ale is delicious, too bad this was the only beer I got with the trade, but I’ve been looking forward to it since I really enjoyed another beer by Three Floyds called Gumball Head.

An amber colored pour with medium body and an excellent bold aroma of citrus hop and malt sweetness. The hop flavor is citrusy and piney, but what I really liked in this ale was the presence of the malt, it adds sweetness to the character of the beer; a nice balance to the bitterness that shows up in the finish.

This is an excellent pale ale and will go as far as saying that it will rival in flavor any of your top five favorites; a perfect five beer caps is awarded for that reason. I’ve had this review up my sleeve for a number of weeks, but as I reminisce and write my final thoughts on it, I wish I were in Indiana to walk into a bar and get one poured from the draft; it’s that good!

Pour one for me!


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Sierra Nevada Summerfest

I enjoyed this beer on the last day of summer, so I’m a little late posting this.

The beer had a light citrus hop aroma, but only a faint flavor of  citrus and malt, the hop was not present.  A smooth finish but was surprised by how much leftover taste of honey was on my palate; present after the fact, about a minute after the beer washed down.

Lagers don’t get as much love from the craft beer community.  I’ve questioned the reasons and I’m sure everyone has a good reason to look down on lagers, but I think those of us in the craft beer market have transitioned to other flavors and we look for that anytime we go out to grab a six pack or a pint.  A lager is now bland compared to the bold complex flavors of many other style of beer available to craft fans, thus a lager becomes your little brother whom you ran away from because you didn’t want him hanging around with you and your friends.  I still enjoy lagers and probably most of your friends do too, but I don’t have them often, I just get nothing from them when it comes to flavor.  Do you agree with me when it comes to lagers?

A good lager but nothing more, a simple beer; three beer caps on the KBRS.


Come back this week for some Oktoberfest posts.


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Mt. Tam Pale Ale by Marin Brewing Co

Mt. Tam Pale Ale had good hop and malt aroma with a faint note of pine.  Light carbonation and body; bitter throughout with good citrus flavors and mild hop notes.  Don’t let it sit because as it got warm it lost a lot of it’s character.

Mt. Tam Pale Ale is an average tasting Pale Ale on the KBRS, very balanced and because of it, it doesn’t stand out; 3 beer caps.

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Goodbye Hopslam: A Pictorial

Saying goodbye to a good beer in pictures.


Grilling a steak.

A Ribeye

Cooked just how I like it, raw.

Steak & Beer = Perfection

To a Good Brew

If you want to read the review on Bell’s Hopslam click here.


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