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The Falcon IPA


My first visit to Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach was over two years ago, my wife Alicia, took me there for lunch on my birthday; they also have a location in Seal Beach. I don’t recall specifically what I had that day, but I know it was a pulled pork sandwich and a few good brews. I was in Long Beach in recent days having lunch with family just down the street from Beachwood BBQ, and I thought it would be good to go pick up some beer. I was in the mood for an IPA and got a chance to sample two of them, the Melrose, labeled a West Coast IPA and The Falcon, an American IPA; both were delicious, but I filled my growler with The Falcon IPA.


I poured myself some of the beer the next day in one of my new IPA glassware, the beer had a nice amber color. The aroma of The Falcon IPA had sweet notes of malt and bright floral citrus notes, but the pungent hop aroma dominates. The sip is very refreshing, it’s a hop bomb! Low carbonation with a small amount of malt sweetness up front and it’s all hop from there. Citrus, pine, and tropical fruits mix nicely to create an intense hop flavor while a bitter citric rind aftertaste will remain after the wash.



I really enjoyed drinking this beer and it’s too bad that I don’t live near Beachwood BBQ as I know I’d be there frequently, eating and drinking. I’ve been thinking of going back very soon to have a meal there and to fill my growler with more delicious beers. If you’re in the area, cheek them and out and get a pint of The Falcon, it was 4 out 5 Beer Caps delicious!


Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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Negra Modelo & Shrimp Tacos


Negra Modelo is a Vienna lager-style beer made by Grupo Modelo and in produccion since 1926; first brewed by Austrian Immigrants. Negra Modelo has become one of Mexico’s popular beers next to Corona, the latter being one of my least favorite and one I drank for years. This beer is one of my favorite Mexican beers and I like to pair it with Mexican dishes. Mexico is currently experiencing a craft beer renaissance, if we can call it that, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those beers brewed in that country. I’ve contemplated a trip to Tijuana just to get a few of those beers; maybe one of these days.

The pictures above and below are of a panko breaded shrimp taco, a recipe I put together with a delicious chipotle cream sauce; keep reading for the beer review and recipe.

The beer has a nice funky yeast aroma mixed with malt. The body of the beer is light, watery if you will.  In the sip  you’ll taste a bit of  citrus, biscuit and malt with a faint hop aftertaste . Carbonation in the beer is light and coats the tongue. The alcohol is so low for the beer, that you don’t get to taste or smell it, making it easy quaff down a few. It’s a good tasting beer, nothing fantastic, but as I mentioned above, it’s one of my favorites and if you’ve never had it, I’m sure you’ll like it. This is also safe beer you can bring to a backyard boogie, I’m sure you’re neighbor wont mind a six or case of it.  Don’t forget to grab your sombrero!

Three Beer Caps on the Kalifornia Beer Scale.

Chipotle Crema


Shrimp Taco Recipe:

I’ll assume most of you already know how to bread shrimp, just add panko for my version of the taco. If you can find La Tortilla Factory tortillas, I recommend you buy them, they are like handmade! If you’d like the recipe for the shrimp, leave me a comment and I’ll update the post with it.

You’ll need three shrimp per taco, so keep this in mind when making the panko breaded shrimp; below is the recipe and the rest of the ingredients.

1 can of chipotle in adobo sauce 7oz
1 container of Cacique crema 17 oz
2 to 4 tablespoons of brown sugar – depending on taste
1/2 a cucumber sliced – more depending on total of tacos
1 bunch of cilantro
1 avocado sliced

For the chipotle crema:

In a bowl add half of the creama, about 1 cup.

Open the can of chipotle and drain about 3/4 of the adobo sauce and mix with the crema.

With a knife, carefully half the chipotles and try to scrape out as many seeds as possible; be gentle with the chipotle as they can tear easily.  After seeding, chop length an crosswise, they’ll become like a paste and add to the bowl with crema and adobo.

Add 2 Tb of brown sugar to the bowl and mix all ingredients.

Sometimes the chipotles can be spicy other times just sweet, add a few pinches of salt and taste the cream sauce.  If you like how everything tastes you don’t have to add more brown sugar, but if it’s still too spicy, add 1 or 2 more tablespoons to balance the flavors.  Depending on how it tastes to you, you might need to add more crema.

Putting the taco together:

After heating tortillas, add 2 slices of cucumber, 2 slice of avocado , 3 shrimp, drizzle the chipotle cream sauce, and garnish with a few sprigs of cilantro. ENJOY!

*If you can’t find the cacique brand, any Mexican sour cream will do.  You might end up with extra cream sauce, store in fridge and you can use it for breaded or grilled fish tacos too; the possibilities are endless!

Throw one back for me with each taco bite ~ cheers!

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Hoppy Feet 1.5

Clown Shoes – Hoppy Feet 1.5

I got this beer in a trade after I sent a few bottles to the city of Chicago. It’s a very peculiar name for a brewery and I had to go online and read the reason for it and luckily, it was on their website and this is what it read… “Clown Shoes? Very long story, but to condense it a group of us submitted the name to the Beer Advocate contest that resulted in The Wrath of Pecant. Our submission didn’t crack the top 5. This burned me up inside. While driving one day the epiphany came: I could make my own Clown Shoes beer.

What’s with the odd brewery name and now a 1.5 in the beer name?! They might not have liked the first batch, upgraded the software, and the new release worked out a few bugs and worked. All joking aside, this was a good beer.

Turns out Hoppy Feet is available year round, but for their anniversary they decided to dry hop this beer twice and thus they present to you, Clown Shoes 1.5. This is a Double Black India Pale Ale with an aroma of malt, lots of hop, alcohol, and I caught a bit of roasted coffee. The beer was creamy, a really nice feel on the tongue. Almost all beers you find out there have a dominant flavor, but not with this beer. Each sip was very enjoyable as it gave me a balanced combination of hop and malt; I haven’t had this in a beer. You’ll find sweet notes of malt and toffee and will have a hop bitter finish.

This is a very solid beer and I’d say that it’s one of the best Black IPA’s I’ve had. Black anything seemed to be the thing that everyone was doing during 2011 in the beer world here in the States, it’s caught on and with this beer Clown Shoes has really nailed it. I had this beer with some chicken tika masala (a spicy tomato sauce); it was a good combination as the spiciness from the dish went really well with the malt/hop flavor in the beer. This is an IPA I truly enjoyed and will rate Five Beer Caps out of Five. I was surprised by the beer, especially when the label has a clown on it and I couldn’t take it seriously. I’ve done this before where I’ll skip the beer and won’t buy it based on the label, but lesson learned, again, don’t judge by the label or name! Sadly we don’t get any beers from Clown Shoes in the Los Angeles area and can only hope to get some more when and if I trade. Thanks RVD for sending this one my way.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!


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Singapore IPA

This is one of the beers I received weeks back after the LA Dodgers beat the Detroit Tigers; the yearly bet I have with my buddy Steve when both our teams play for inter-league baseball. They beat the Yankees at NY last night and move on the the ALCS; I’m glad The Evil Empire is out. This beer is by Saugatuck Brewing Company, it’s called Singapore IPA. When I read Singapore on the label I thought the country? Upon further inspection, the IPA turns out to be named after the famous ghost town of Singapore, Michigan. This was the first time I have ever heard of the ghost town and of the brewery. Just how many breweries do you have out there Michigan?!

The aroma of the beer was very simple, strong hop, citrus, and a bit of malt if you sniffed real hard. The flavor profile was the same as the aroma, all hops and citrus. The IPA was bitter, but there was bitterness from the hop and the citrus, each different. The citrus bitterness I can describe as the white part of the lemon, the layer underneath the rind.  You know that white bitter part right?

It was an IPA that was very simple in flavor and was all hop; although it wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad either. An average IPA that I’ll rate Three Beer Caps out of Five.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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Expedition Ale by Drakes

I started this review a few weeks ago and I finally got a chance to complete it and hit “publish”! It’s a short one, so stick around.

This red ale by Drakes Brewing is a seasonal beer available during the month of May.  The ale had an intense aroma of hop, sweet notes of caramel, toffee, and roasted malt.  My olfactory sense was working this day for a change and as soon as I poured it, I could smell all those great aromas I described.  A medium body beer with a bit of carbonation, lots of malt presence with some sweetness that doesn’t hang around as the roasted toffee and hop bitterness shows up.  After the sip has washed down, you get a bit of a peppery bite sticking around.

I was not expecting much for this beer, as all the red ales I’ve had have been very similar in flavor, very malty with low hop flavor, but this wasn’t the case.  I enjoyed the flavors in this beer very much and I will be sure to pick one up again.  At a Four Beer Caps rating of Five, this is one that I will definitely recommend.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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La Merle

La Merle by North Coast Brewing Co

The Blackbird is the English translation of Le Merle, but it sounds better in French. This is probably one of North Coast’s cheaper beers at $7.49, but it’s a very good one. It is a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale, a style I haven’t had much of, but I recall a few and I enjoyed them.

The ale had pleasant bright notes of fruit like green apple and pears, caramelized white sugar (reminded me of when my wife bakes), yeasty funk, citrus, and hop. One thing I really enjoyed about this beer is the carbonation; the bubbles made lots of the great flavors stick around. The apple and pear were present, the bread/yeast, and I really enjoyed the citrus/hop finish on it. When the beer warmed there was burn from the alcohol, but it wasn’t bothersome.

Took pictures of this beer outdoors just before the sunset and the sun was at a great angle and it made for great beer color that I think I’ve captured. The beer is very drinkable and I still wanted more of it after the bottle was gone; will pick up one of these again, maybe two to share with friends during the upcoming spring BBQ’s. Five Caps for this one, you’ll enjoy it, I guarantee it!

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Le Freak

Le Freak by Green Flash Brewing Co

Green Flash Brewing Co is one of the many great breweries in San Diego county; Green Flash’s selection of beers are all highly rated and the ones I’ve tried have been very good.  I’m reviewing Le Freak this time around, it’s labeled as an “extreme ale converging San Diego-style Imperial Ale and Belgian-style trippel. I enjoyed sipping on this beer; keep reading for more of my thoughts.

A very inviting aroma that made me drink it immediately.  I got a bit of funk from the yeast, sweet notes of banana and malt, citrus, and alcohol which is expected with this beer at 9.2 ABV; aromatically a trippel.  Citrus up front and a peppery middle bite with a hint of sugary sweet notes.  The finish was hoppy but fades to the alcohol burn left on tongue.  When the beer warmed a lot more of the Belgian sugary sweet notes came through.

This is a great tasting and overall great beer with a mild body that you will surely like.  Didn’t really pick up on the whole San Diego/Trippel thing, but it was a good tasting beer; pick one up and enjoy it.  The one-man team of CervezaPlease rates this beer four caps on the Kalifornia Beer Rating System.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!


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