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Bitches Brew by Dogfish Head

Do you like bitches? Yea I didn’t think so, but I think I found a bitch I like called Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and I spent the evening with it. This beer is brewed by Dogfish Head to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Miles Davis original release of the Bitches Brew album.  This is a beer much talked about and hard to come by in the beer world, none of the locations I frequent had it, but two weeks ago I ran into one; score! Here’s how Dogfish describes their beer… “a bold, dark beer that’s a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root“; I didn’t know what to expect when it came to flavor from the gesho leaves, it’s something I’ve never heard of, but the beer turned out tasty, keep reading.

Label on bottle just like on original album.

Aromatically like a Russian Imperial Stout, you know the usual dark notes of roasted coffee, malt, a tad of chocolate, and I also got a hint of sweet raisins. The same goes for the flavor; it tastes like a RIS with nutmeg, coffee, the notes of the roasted dark spice family, and the sweetness comes through to finish of honey and raisins. The caramelized notes of the dark flavors coat your tongue in a pleasant way and the sweetness to finish makes it nice and velvety. The gesho root is supposed to act like hops, but the herb bitterness wasn’t there; the dark and sweet notes mask the flavor.

When you are asked by Sony to make a beer that reflects the sound of the album, you better deliver. I’m not a big connoisseur of jazz, but I do now that the Bitches Brew album released by Miles Davis is considered to be a great album; one that fused different sounds. The jazz guys say it was ahead of it’s time and became an instant classic, only time will tell of this beer, but I do know that Dogfish Head succeeded, it was great! The dark notes of concentrated flavors complemented one another and had great balance. I’ll agree with most people that have raved about the beer, it’s a Five Kapper, I can assure you of it. BTW this beer was $17 so it better be great right?! It was worth the inflated price I paid and you probably will too if you find one.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!


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