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Bitch Creek

We celebrated our nations birthday on the 4th of July and I spent part of the day drinking beers from a case of Samuel Adams Summer Styles and as I write this, I had the brilliant idea of reviewing the case before the summer is over.  After a few of the Sammy’s, I popped open a bottle of Bitch Creek ESB by Grand Teton Brewing; ESB for Extra Special Brown. Really enjoyed it, spoiler alert, I’m rating it high, but keep reading for more details.

This ESB packs a nice aroma of pear, molasses, alcohol, hop, and lots of sweet malt. The malt is present throughout the entire sip, very pleasant.  The beer had a light body with medium carbonation, fresh hop was there but did not overpower the combined sweet notes of the malt and molasses; it had a slight dry finish.

As I mentioned earlier, this is one beer I really enjoyed drinking.  The malty sweetness that came with the sips were great, certainly different compared to the flavor profiles I tend to enjoy.  I’m rating this one high and if you find it, grab one.  I have to give this beer Five Beer Caps, something I don’t award often, but it was one I really enjoyed.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!


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Beer Mail from Illinois

I’m like a kid waking up on Christmas day every time I get a package of beer delivered to me.  This package that was sent from Illinois, it’s from a long time internet buddy named Art.  This was the first time trading with Art, and I was not disappointed with the variety he sent my way.


What style and beer can it be?!



I’m not surprised Art sent me this, lol!

Good looking bunch

King Cobra and The Gang

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