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Allagash Black

Belgian Style Stout

I’ve had an issue with aroma lately and it’s all to the fact that only one nostril is open, the other always shut and it makes it difficult to smell things.  The only smells I could pick up with this beer were dark chocolate and alcohol, though it was very faint.  I enjoyed the taste of caramelized brown sugar (like syrup), the roasted coffee, and I liked the bitterness that came through; a dark chocolate or coffee bitter, but not the herb hop kind.  Extremely smooth, no alcohol burn, very pleasant on the tongue, nice coat from carbonation.  Alcohol was more present when it warmed, but still pleasant to sip on.

Corked beers are sexy.

A chocolate color when exposed to the sun.

When a beer is somewhat cheaper than their sisters on the lineup, you expect it to show up in the quality, but Allagash doesn’t cheat you because you only paid $8 for the bottle, they still make it very damn tasty.  I think it’s one of the best stouts I’ve had in my short drinking career and will keep it stocked with the rest of the WMD’s.  Pick one up and enjoy this before the weather warms up.  Five Beer Caps.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!


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