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Bitch Creek

We celebrated our nations birthday on the 4th of July and I spent part of the day drinking beers from a case of Samuel Adams Summer Styles and as I write this, I had the brilliant idea of reviewing the case before the summer is over.  After a few of the Sammy’s, I popped open a bottle of Bitch Creek ESB by Grand Teton Brewing; ESB for Extra Special Brown. Really enjoyed it, spoiler alert, I’m rating it high, but keep reading for more details.

This ESB packs a nice aroma of pear, molasses, alcohol, hop, and lots of sweet malt. The malt is present throughout the entire sip, very pleasant.  The beer had a light body with medium carbonation, fresh hop was there but did not overpower the combined sweet notes of the malt and molasses; it had a slight dry finish.

As I mentioned earlier, this is one beer I really enjoyed drinking.  The malty sweetness that came with the sips were great, certainly different compared to the flavor profiles I tend to enjoy.  I’m rating this one high and if you find it, grab one.  I have to give this beer Five Beer Caps, something I don’t award often, but it was one I really enjoyed.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!


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