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The rare Five Beer Caps Club.

Paulaner’s Salvator (doppel bock)

Every now and then someone comes up to me and asks me to name my favorite beer. I never name just one, but rather reply by saying that I can tell them about a few on my top ten. This doppel bock, is, one of my top ten favorite beers and I’m not sure why it took so long to blog a review about it, but here it is. I drank two of them this past weekend, this to make sure I remembered why I love this beer. This is a beer you don’t see at bar or hear much about. “Bock is a term for a strong lager from Germany and Dopple’s are a stronger maltier version.” (wikipedia)

Lots of malt, molasses, and alcohol is very strong and present in the nose. The body of the beer is light with the flavor of molasses, bready notes, malt, light peach, and strong alcohol finish with honey aftertaste. To me, the beer tastes better when it’s warm; all of the great flavors of the beer are present and hit every spot on the tongue.

This is a definite 5 beer caps and when I go shopping at the cerveza spot, I pick up a few; at $2.50 a bottle I have to and they are a bargain compared to the rest of the expensive stuff. Give this beer a shot and tell me what you think of it.


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Yetti Imperial Stout by Great Divide

Yeti Imperial Stout a beer by Great Divide that is very tasty. This is the first time I drink something from Great Divide and it’s all thanks to Stone Brewery. Stone is also in the business of distributing other brewer’s beers, and I was lucky to find this at the Beverage Warehouse in Culver City. When I grabbed the bottle it was still cold; it had been delivered just minutes earlier.

This beer has a great aroma and it immediately makes me think of the cold fall/winter months; while you reach for your hot chocolate, I’ll reach for this stout! A full bodied stout with with a great coat on the tongue from the carbonation; take a look at the picture above. The taste of roasted malt come through along with molasses, dark chocolate and bitter hops; throughout the entire sip, alcohol was present. When the beer got warm, toffee and bitter goodness from the hop come through very strongly.

This is a definite Five Beer Caps rating and I’m glad I picked up two of them. I loved everything about the beer and I started thinking about pairing it with a “winter dish”, but nothing came to mind. Any of you out there have any suggestions?

Throw one back for me – cheers!


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Alpha King by Three Floyds

A Pale Ale by Three Floyds with a great label; just look at it, the Hop King himself is flavoring the beer with his own hop-locks. There are times when labels mislead you, they look great and get you to buy the product, but they don’t deliver; quite the opposite with this one and if you’re a pale ale fan, you’ll be in for a treat. With Alpha King the Pale Ale is delicious, too bad this was the only beer I got with the trade, but I’ve been looking forward to it since I really enjoyed another beer by Three Floyds called Gumball Head.

An amber colored pour with medium body and an excellent bold aroma of citrus hop and malt sweetness. The hop flavor is citrusy and piney, but what I really liked in this ale was the presence of the malt, it adds sweetness to the character of the beer; a nice balance to the bitterness that shows up in the finish.

This is an excellent pale ale and will go as far as saying that it will rival in flavor any of your top five favorites; a perfect five beer caps is awarded for that reason. I’ve had this review up my sleeve for a number of weeks, but as I reminisce and write my final thoughts on it, I wish I were in Indiana to walk into a bar and get one poured from the draft; it’s that good!

Pour one for me!


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Hopslam & Burgers

I was introduced to this beer during the first beer trade I had with my buddy Steve.  At the time I wasn’t drinking beers with a strong hop flavor or embracing them like I do today.  When I first drank it I knew right away this was a style I would enjoy and sad that I only got one in the trade; with the last shipment earlier in the year I ended up with six of them!  I surely treasured them as these are only brewed and sold once a year, but when Steve knew I had some left he told this rookie beer guy to get to drinking or the hop flavor and aroma would be gone; I’m still wet behind the ears, but I now know for next time.

An aroma of fruit and hops that’s truly sublime and very few beers has such blend.  The ale is brewed with honey, the combination of honey and malt sweetness combines nicely with the hop.  It’s a medium body beer with a bit of bitterness, but fantastic from the first sip to finish, a hopslam!  As the beer got warm it became sweeter, gave a fruitier aroma, and the alcohol taste got stronger just by a bit.

I really enjoy drinking this beer and it’s the reason why I was saving it as if the apocalypse were upon us.  I drank two last weekend and I’m bummed that I only have one left; like I mentioned above, it’s only brewed once a year and I hope to get some next year.  I love summer because I love grilling, but hate the heat; this summer here in Los Angeles we’ve averaged mid 80’s and I hope I don’t jinx it by talking about it.  The beer goes well with anything grilled and this past weekend I made some burgers.

I have one beer left and I’m thinking I’ll have a big piece of steak with it to say goodbye to this wonderful beer.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying this beer I recommend you get a hold of it because it rates a perfect five beer caps.


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Consecration by Russian River

I poured the beer, smelled it, and my immediate thought was, “This can’t be beer”; I was intrigued.  It is a style I’ve never had before, Sour Ale.  Bubbly like champagne when you pour it and just like it, the head fades fast.  A sour and fruity aroma, at first I couldn’t place the scent, but after I tried it, I realized that it was of grapes, sour grapes; later remembered the beer label read “with added currants”.  I had fun with it and found myself slurping it to create bubbles; the carbonation gave you a mouthful of flavor.  Just like with the aroma there is a noticeable grape and cherry flavor followed by citrus notes; a great flavor combination.  I puckered after the first taste and it would leave me with a dry mouth after it washed down.  There is lots of acid and bubbly goodness, a good contrast in flavor compared to the beers I’ve been drinking lately.

This can be a beer you can serve to your guests when you serve your main dish, with the fruit and acid note blend, it is sure to enhance the flavor of a good home cooked meal.  Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have any background on sours and this made it difficult to rate it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.  The fact that I’ve been thinking all day about pairing this beer with a meal makes it worthy of five beer caps.


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Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA

I tend to drink alone when I sit to do a review, but this time I had the pleasure of sharing the pint with the lovely @ElizaDolores.  She is adventurous when it comes to beers and has never said no to me when I’ve poured beer.  The last time we shared a meal I brought some Ranger IPA to the table and she really liked the hop flavor of it, so I knew she might like the 14.

This is the first anniversary beer I have from Stone Brewery and I enjoyed it; makes me wonder what I’ve missed the past 13 years.  I read on the bottle that the brewers took a trip to England in search of inspiration and to learn more on the India Pale Ale style; always a good thing to do some research right?  Just like with all IPA’s. you’ll be able to smell the hops and I whiffed a bit of fruit sweetness from the malt.  It has an excellent hop flavor, the sweetness lingered, and had a peppery/pine finish.  At room temperature it remained the same, nothing overpowered nor rose in flavor, just perfect sips; a perfectly balanced beer.  Eliza noted she liked the color and density, “just yum!”

This beer is deserving of 5 caps.


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Pliny the Elder

If I’m ever asked to name one of my favorite beers, this is one that always comes to mind; it’s up there on my Top 10 Favorite Beers. A Double IPA (Imperial Pale Ale) from Russian River, a strong beer at 100 IBU’s and 8% ABV. I don’t want to get into a habit of talking IBU’s or ABV’s, frankly because I think it’s pointless for many beers; however, for this post I mention it to paint a picture. The IBU numbers talk about how bitter a beer can be, so 100 IBU’s is way up there; click on the link if you would like to learn more about IBUs. The ABV is the Alcohol by Volume.

This beer is extremely hoppy and bitter, both lingering on your palate from beginning to end. I recall reading somewhere that out of the five elements of taste, for most people, bitterness is the least pleasant, but in beers for me, it’s something I look forward to and enjoy. The fruitiness of the beer did not show up until the beer was completely warm, at which point the bitterness became even stronger. It’s a very simple review as it’s not a complicated beer, simple and tasty, just how any good IPA should be.

I love thee oh Pliny!

I’ve been drinking and reading on Sundays, the day I tend to do a lot of the grueling beer research. The weather has been great here in SoCal, the awful summer heat is not here yet, but it’s coming. I’ve sat in the patio and enjoyed the cool weather and I’ve taken pictures there, so far I like the results, I especially like how the color of the beers have come through. I’ll be off this upcoming Sunday and won’t have the time to research, so the one man team of CervezaPlease will post again midweek; stick around!

A perfect Five Beer Caps for my favorite beer!


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