Santa’s Little Helper Bourbon Barrel-aged

26 Dec


It’s late in the day and Christmas is almost over, but I have enough time to post my recent beer tasting I’ve reviewed. This is a beer by Ports Brewing in San Marcos California, the beer is called Santa’s Little Helper, a fun name for a Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

This beer had a strong aroma of bourbon that was followed by roasted malt, dark and bitter roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and alcohol. Santa’s Little Helper had a medium body with very little carbonation. The sip is slightly dry with nice tones of vanilla, roasted coffee, and dark chocolate, and the bourbon is present throughout . At 12% ABV, the alcohol is a lot more present in the aroma than in the taste and its turning out to be an easy beer to drink. The beer warms the stomach once it deposits there, but no alcohol burn in the wash.


I tend to shy away from high alcohol beers as I rarely enjoy them, they tend to be on the sweet side and the strong alcohol finish is off putting. This beer is an exception to that, and as I mentioned, the alcohol was not a strong presence when drinking. I enjoyed drinking this beer today and today being Christmas, I think the fat man in the red suit wouldn’t mind drinking this one after delivering all the toys. A lot of good things going for it, but it was not worth $18 and was missing a lil something; Three Beer Caps for this one.



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