Yule Smith – Winter Holiday Ale

19 Dec

I’ll be reviewing these four beers in the next few days, something I should’ve done earlier in the month, but the good thing is that you can still drink these beers even after the holidays.


It’s the holiday season and if you plan on visiting someone, show up with beer, there’s an advantage to it, trust me. You’ll probably find more wine drinkers than beer drinkers, and if so, you’ll get to either drink all the beer yourself or share with a much smaller group, in the end it’s more beer for you!


Yule Smith Holiday Ale is brewed by Ale Smith Brewing Company in San Diego. Yule Smith is brewed twice a year with one batch being available during Fourth of July and the other during the holidays.


This is a Double IPA with a clean floral hop and strong sweet malt aroma. The sip was complex with a punch of hop and malt; delicious. After the beer warmed, caramel and some roasted notes were detectable and enhanced the intense malt flavor. I served the beer as noted, around 50-55 degrees, but I preferred and enjoyed it more on the warmer side. The warmer beer had a different character, the body on the sip was pleasant, much better than when cold. The caramel notes complimented and balanced the hop and malt flavors. Yule Smith had a bitter finish with a peppery burn and alcohol burn.


This is a great winter warmer to serve to your friends and family. Sit next to the chimney and wait for Saint Nick and serve him a glass as I’m sure he’ll need it and will take you off the naughty list. Five Beer Caps for this great tasting beer.


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