Mackinac Island Fudge Stout

06 Feb

I took a holiday from the blog but I’ve been at it with drinking new beers and I have badges to prove it! This was suppose to be the first post of the year, but I had a little mix up and I posted the Sam Adams Black & Brew first, a beer I enjoyed and you can read the post again or read it for the first time in case you missed it. Just before the year ended I checked in my 200th different beer. If I were to line up all 200 beers… whoa, what a site that would be, but I only need to lift my shirt as proof. I’m sure lots of you are way beyond that, but it’s been a steady pace for me and makes me wonder where I’ll be a year from now with the count. I haven’t posted much recently, but I have a few drafts (not beers on tap) ready to finish up and edit, so those will be coming shortly. One thing that will be making it easy for me to post more frequently, will be the fact that I will only be posting pictures from my iPhone. I should’ve taken this decision months back, instead of using my DSLR and editing the pictures on the computer; hard work, I know.

Here’s the image of the badge for that 200th beer.

OK, so now let’s get to the beer talk. With this entry I will be reviewing Arbor Brewing Co’s Fudge Stout, but I won’t rate it; continue reading and you’ll find out why.

You would think that with a big nose I’d be able to smell all the beer goodness, but no, damn sinus issues and a recent ear infection are not letting me pick up the wonderful smells in a beer. I was only able to pick up the strong smells, the alcohol, the malt, but not much else; none of the roasted aromas or the fudge. There were sediments that might’ve been a tell tell sign of having kept this beer far too long in the fridge. Lots of carbonation in it, craft beer never makes me burp, but this one did after a few sips. The beer was malty and surprisingly sour, not sure what that was about. The beer was thin, rare for a stout, and sadly I did not taste any of the fudge, only some of the roasted flavors came through after it warmed.

I encourage you to read and drink beer.

I won’t rate it as I might have ruined the beer for keeping it for so long, I think it’s the only fair thing to do. Perhaps and maybe if the Dodgers beat the Tigers in a series, I’ll get this in a trade again.

Throw one back for me ~ Cheers!


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4 responses to “Mackinac Island Fudge Stout

  1. luv4bbq

    February 9, 2012 at 12:45 am

    lol! the Tigers are going 162-0 this year…..but im sure I can still get you one……I gotta say….not the best stout….certainly sounds like something was wrong with it…..but sadly….you are not missing anything… sorry I put this in the last shipment…..


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