Expedition Ale by Drakes

22 Aug

I started this review a few weeks ago and I finally got a chance to complete it and hit “publish”! It’s a short one, so stick around.

This red ale by Drakes Brewing is a seasonal beer available during the month of May.  The ale had an intense aroma of hop, sweet notes of caramel, toffee, and roasted malt.  My olfactory sense was working this day for a change and as soon as I poured it, I could smell all those great aromas I described.  A medium body beer with a bit of carbonation, lots of malt presence with some sweetness that doesn’t hang around as the roasted toffee and hop bitterness shows up.  After the sip has washed down, you get a bit of a peppery bite sticking around.

I was not expecting much for this beer, as all the red ales I’ve had have been very similar in flavor, very malty with low hop flavor, but this wasn’t the case.  I enjoyed the flavors in this beer very much and I will be sure to pick one up again.  At a Four Beer Caps rating of Five, this is one that I will definitely recommend.

Throw one back for me ~ cheers!

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