Solvang Brewing Company

17 May

The weekend I was in Solvang I noticed a sign that read Solvang Brewing Company; I made a mental note of it in case I needed a place to drink a beer. The opportunity to visit didn’t present itself Saturday, but Sunday after breakfast, the family wanted to be tourists and I just wanted a beer, so I walked right in. While I was having breakfast I searched on my phone and was able to find a local article about the future opening of the Brewery, this is where I found out they actually brewed a few beers and had a good line-up of options. Breakfast was terrible at The Little Mermaid, had I known this in advanced, I would have opted for an early lunch and a beer at the brewery. The article I found online, mentioned that they updated classic Danish dishes for the bar, something I’m sure I would have enjoyed.

I spoke with Lauren, the bartender, about the Solvang Brewing Company and told her I was looking forward to tasting their beer lineup, but she sadly informed me that they only had one beer, their Odin Oatmeal Stout. I was told that about a week prior, there was a fire in the neighborhood and it resulted in an overnight power outage, this of course ruined the beer that was brewing. When I showed up Sunday, that’s all they had, the Odin Oatmeal Stout and had ran out of their Hef, IPA, and Pale Ale. The oatmeal stout had a chocolate, molasses, and all the roasted aromas you are familiar with. The beer was very tasty with and had a nice hoppy bitterness to it, rounded nicely with the malty sweet undertones; 3 Beer Caps for this one.

I enjoyed a warm pretzel when I was there and it was served with melted cheese and mustard. Since I did not have any of their dishes or the rest of their beer, this has me thinking of an overnight trip to enjoy some beer and Danish food. If you are near Solvang, this place is worth you checking them out based on the food and beer menu.

Click here for the local article on the opening of the brewery.

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  1. Eat D. Puff

    May 17, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    Looks like you enjoyed your trip.


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