Firestone Walker Brewery Taproom

04 May

Last weekend the family and I took a drive up Interstate 101 and after a brief stop in Santa Barbara, we ended up in Buelton California; we got away from the big city to celebrate my father in-law’s 65th birthday.  On Saturday we took a quick drive to Solvang to attend the Datsun Roadster Show, this was part of the reason for us coming up here, my father in-law likes these cars and is slowly restoring one he originally bought in 1968.

Rewind to Friday, just my luck, our hotel was within walking distance from the Firestone Walker Taproom.  My experience with the place wasn’t the best, but the beer somewhat made up for it.  Below are the brief notes from the six beers I had a chance to drink.

Pale 31
Aroma: hop and citrus.
Taste: easy sip, citrus and hop herb, light body, slightly dry finish.
Rating: 3 Beer Caps

Double Barrel Ale
Aroma: toasted malts, some floral hops, bready.
Taste: vanilla hints, sweet malt, hop finish, left mouth dry but refreshing.
Rating: 3 Beer Caps

Union Jack IPA
Aroma: big punch of citrus aroma, lots of hop.
Taste: great hop and citrus flavor, one right after the other; great flavors throughout.
Very bitter finish, but so good. My favorite of the bunch!
Rating: 5 Beer Caps

Walkers Reserve – Robust Porter
Aroma: sat a bit and it was nice and warm; dark bold notes of cocoa, chocolate, alcohol was there.
Taste: easy sip, malty, bittersweet cocoa and chocolate, alcohol burn but pleasant.
Rating: 3 Beer Caps

Selma’s Honey Blonde
Aroma: honey, lots of it.
Taste: lots of carbonation and lots of sweetness from the honey; might have been a bad keg. Honey overpowering, didn’t like it at all.
Rating: 1 Beer Caps

Aroma: bananas, citrus, wheat.
Taste: citrus, wheat, some sweet undertones; nothing special.
Rating: 2 Beer Caps

I ordered some fish tacos as I was not that hungry, they looked promising, but they disappointed.  I didn’t like the fact that the tortilla was cold and that they were flour; it needed a lot more sauce as they were very dry.  We had a few issues with the seating situation and they had to split our party up.  The two groups didn’t get the food at the same time and had to leave at different times, luckily like I mentioned, we were only a block away from the hotel.  It was an off night for the kitchen, but I could clearly see them bust their ass for a very busy house.  Our servers and service was great, but I have to fault the host for not communicating with servers. I wanted to go for the beer, that part I really enjoyed, but the food wasn’t the best and the whole experience either.  I’ll stop again when I get a chance, I hope the experience will be different then.

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One response to “Firestone Walker Brewery Taproom

  1. Eat D. Puff

    May 11, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Sounds very similar to my experience at the F-W Brewery up in Paso Robles. Great beer, mediocre food.


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