Hazelnut Brown Nectar by Rogue Ales

07 Jan

Hazelnut Brown Nectar – Brown Ale Style

I don’t remember where I read this, but the article mentioned that the beers by Rogue would probably never make it to the Chinese market and it’s all because of the name. If I were a part of their marketing team I’d be all over that and put out some propaganda posters about the beer; it would be a good way to make fun of the whole thing, but you would continue to spread the word on these good beers; don’t you agree? I’ve had a number of Rogues ales and stouts now and I must admit that they brew good stuff. Not all of their beers have become favorites, but none of the beers on their lineup are sub par; I know eventually whatever I try from them it will at least merit Three Beer Kaps. They brew some standards and also brew one that has chipotle in it and I thought that was off the wall; I’ve had it and thought it was a crazy idea to add smoked jalapeno flavor to a beer, but it works.  Another thing I like from Rogue is their bottles, they are silk screened, fancy, and if you are into collecting bottles it wont eventually fade so you can always be proud to display them.

When I decided to pour this beer I had a cold and it made it difficult to sniff out some of the ingredients.  I was able to get a bit of coffee and roasted malt, but not much more.  The initial flavor was of citrus, I don’t think it has any but my cold was interfering, it was the only flavor it was able to focus on.  It had a bit of a metallic taste as well; it was the first time tasting that in a beer, but again, could have been my cold.  Lightly bitter, refreshing and cleansed nicely.  When I first had this beer years back, I expected it to taste like the creamer you put in your coffee, but of course I was wrong.  When the beer warmed I tasted the ingredients from the aroma, the coffee was there and the nutty flavor from the hazelnut.

Three Beer Kaps, nothing fantastic, but it is one that is rated high among beer drinkers so judge for yourself.  I’ve had it a few times now and although I don’t think of it as a great beer, it’s still a good one.  I’ll never go to the store to specifically look for this ale, but it’s something I pick up on rare occasions.  Pour yourself one and let me know what you think of it.

Throw one back for me ~ Cheers!

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