Paulaner’s Salvator (doppel bock)

20 Dec

Every now and then someone comes up to me and asks me to name my favorite beer. I never name just one, but rather reply by saying that I can tell them about a few on my top ten. This doppel bock, is, one of my top ten favorite beers and I’m not sure why it took so long to blog a review about it, but here it is. I drank two of them this past weekend, this to make sure I remembered why I love this beer. This is a beer you don’t see at bar or hear much about. “Bock is a term for a strong lager from Germany and Dopple’s are a stronger maltier version.” (wikipedia)

Lots of malt, molasses, and alcohol is very strong and present in the nose. The body of the beer is light with the flavor of molasses, bready notes, malt, light peach, and strong alcohol finish with honey aftertaste. To me, the beer tastes better when it’s warm; all of the great flavors of the beer are present and hit every spot on the tongue.

This is a definite 5 beer caps and when I go shopping at the cerveza spot, I pick up a few; at $2.50 a bottle I have to and they are a bargain compared to the rest of the expensive stuff. Give this beer a shot and tell me what you think of it.


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