Hopportunity Knocks

04 Dec

Caldera Brewing Co’s Hopportunity Knocks

I normally don’t pick up beers I’ve never heard of and there is a reason for it, good beer my friends… is not cheap. I average around $60 when I go shopping for beer, but I’ve spent as little as $20 on two to three bottles and on certain occasions as much as $100; this last figure is rare and it happens when I go shopping to replenish the beer cellar or when doing a trade. This time I thought I’d grab something I never heard of but not get something outrageous like a watermelon/lime infused flavored beer. I told myself to look for something I might like, and I went with an IPA. I find the label a bit cheesy but it works with the name and it’s not about the label, but rather it’s contents.

Hopportunity Knocks is a seasonal brew labeled as “Kettle Series ~ Small Batch” and their website reads that it’s only available in Oregon, which means someone smuggled this contraband out of the state. The aroma of the beer is of hop and malt, simple. The IPA has a very bright piney flavor and just like in the scent, it’s malty. The malt sweetness is present throughout the sip and the bitter hop notes are around, but they aren’t strong. When the beer got warm the malt takes over the hop although it’s still there, but the warmth makes a bit of orange flavor surface.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I’m interested in learning about the different hops used to brew beer, and one thing I “think” I learned, thanks to this beer, is the difference between a Centennial Hop and a Cascade Hop. I say think, because I’m sure there are other hops out there that might be similar to the ones I mentioned. The label states that it uses 100% Centennial Hops, because of this I was able to notice that the herb/pine aroma and flavor was missing the citrus notes, which are found in the popular and often used Cascade Hop. – for this – cheers to me!

I think that this beer could be one that can be introduced to those who don’t like very bitter beers; the malt sweetness helps cut through that. If you are out there and in need of exploring and waking your beer palates, then I recommend you pick this one up and move towards something new and away from the wheat beers. The IPA by Caldera Brewing is not a great one but not a bad one either; it’s an average tasting IPA and it merits no more than Three Beer Caps.

Throw one back for me – cheers!

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