Fathers Office

04 Dec

Had another outing with the usual suspects and this time we visited Fathers Office;a location I’ve visited a few times now and like coming to. This place is known for their burger, yes singular, and their variety of beers on draft or bottled. You can’t make reservations and they don’t have table service so you should get here early to avoid drinking while standing. I had three beer this night, two of which were really good and will pick up to enjoy at home.

Ballast Point – Sculpin IPA

The first beer was ordered and it was a circus to find out what the hell was ordered; of course since I was going to blog about it I had to learn what I was drinking. Before I knew what I was drinking I was actually enjoying the sip of the beer and making notes on it. After a few trips back to the bar by my friend Rich, he was finally told that we were drinking Ballast Point Sculpin IPA; he’s on an IPA binge and asked for an IPA instead of naming one, the bartender served him the Sculpin but he walked away without asking what we were served. The IPA had great citrus and pine aroma and was extremely bitter with a thick body that left a nice coat on the tongue.

Maredsous 10 – Tripel

Maredsous 10, our second beer of the night had a delightful fruity aroma with sweet banana bread like taste and a faint citrus aftertaste in the sweetness. It was simple but tasty and makes me want to delve into Belgians a bit more.

Deschutes – Jubelale

Deschutes Jubelale was my least favorite of the three beers but liked it during the first few sips. I’m excited after I sniff and pick out the different spices or ingredients a beer like this one, but in the end I’m put off by how sweet they can become. I’m not sure what it is, but maybe the malt is sweet enough for my palate that the rest of the sweet spices over does it for me. This beer could be poured over a waffle or pancake; I’ve said this before about another beer, but it’s true. The beer had a malty aroma with dark notes of brown sugar, toffee, and sweet fruits that were all present in the flavor along with a light hop aftertaste. I mentioned that I liked the first few sips of the beer, and the reason for it is the medium body and light carbonation that was present with the flavors during the sip.

Visit Fathers Office when you get a chance as they have great beer and food options that won’t disappoint. I had their burger (a must if you ever visit) and some potatoes that were delicious. The potatoes were drizzled with a garlic butter and smoked paprika. The burger is served with bleu cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula.

Throw one back for me – cheers!


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One response to “Fathers Office

  1. CheezePleezeNow

    December 6, 2010 at 6:26 am

    Belgians have so much more variety and character than IPAs. It’s time to make the move!


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