Sierra Nevada Summerfest

18 Oct

I enjoyed this beer on the last day of summer, so I’m a little late posting this.

The beer had a light citrus hop aroma, but only a faint flavor of  citrus and malt, the hop was not present.  A smooth finish but was surprised by how much leftover taste of honey was on my palate; present after the fact, about a minute after the beer washed down.

Lagers don’t get as much love from the craft beer community.  I’ve questioned the reasons and I’m sure everyone has a good reason to look down on lagers, but I think those of us in the craft beer market have transitioned to other flavors and we look for that anytime we go out to grab a six pack or a pint.  A lager is now bland compared to the bold complex flavors of many other style of beer available to craft fans, thus a lager becomes your little brother whom you ran away from because you didn’t want him hanging around with you and your friends.  I still enjoy lagers and probably most of your friends do too, but I don’t have them often, I just get nothing from them when it comes to flavor.  Do you agree with me when it comes to lagers?

A good lager but nothing more, a simple beer; three beer caps on the KBRS.


Come back this week for some Oktoberfest posts.


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5 responses to “Sierra Nevada Summerfest

  1. Sabby2000

    October 18, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    I agree on the “I dont have them often” part….and I guess on the lack of flavor too…..but I DO enjoy a good German lager in the summertime…..for some reason I just love that flavor….of course dopplebocks, marzens, dunkels, and schwarzbiers are lagers too….most of those NOT lacking in flavor….

    • OmarKalifornia

      October 18, 2010 at 9:20 pm

      There goes that argument! I clearly was not thinking that broad when I decided to go down that path with my point.

      • Sabby2000

        October 19, 2010 at 9:28 pm

        well I have a huge head….so…..that might not be a bad thing for ya….LOL
        btw 3 years ago I HATED this beer……tried it again this year and liked it! wierd how the taste buds work……I believe they DO change!


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