IPA by Southern Tier

01 Sep

I mentioned on a different post that I should review different beer styles and not stick with those I prefer, but here I go again describing an IPA. The beer from Southern Tier has been in the cellar for quite some time now, about 6 months, as I was saving it for the beer blog; I stored it more than I should have and the flavor suffered from it.

With this beer I enjoyed the always beautiful scent of the hops although faint, malt, alcohol, and bread (smelled like biscuits). This is only the second time I’ve smelled bread notes in a beer and I was excited; sadly the excitement ended there. The taste was not the same but I know I’m at fault for storing this beer for such a long time, for reasons I’ve explained above. The beer still had a hop flavor but it would not linger. The bitterness was there as it washed down and it left me with an aftertaste of a spice I could not discern; it was something pleasant. I left a good two sips of beer on the glass to sit at room temperature to see if any of the main flavors would surface, but I was only able to taste the malt and the alcohol became prevalent; the hops was gone and it was like a strong ale.

I’ve determined that the aroma of all IPA’s will be like an olfactory oasis if you like the style, just magical on the nose, but the proof is in the bouquet. I haven’t reviewed and IPA on CervezaPlease that I haven’t liked, but I’ve had my share at the bar that smell great, but the flavor is very one-dimensional. Describing IPA’s and any beer for that matter can be redundant, it’s the new spice or flavor I get to discern that makes reviewing and describing fun; instead of chugging it down, I’m looking for a trace of something I’ve never had in a beer.

I enjoyed the beer, I could tell it wasn’t a bad beer at all, but it was my fault for not drinking it sooner. I don’t do halves, but if I did it would be 2.5; I’ll round up to three caps, although I have a feeling this could be higher had I not let it age so long.

Next post, Bell’s Oberon; stick around!


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2 responses to “IPA by Southern Tier

  1. luv4bbq

    September 2, 2010 at 12:13 am

    neither rain, nor snow, nor birth of a child can stop this man from reviewing beer…….
    truely a saint in the beer community…..


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