Dodgers Win = Getting Paid with Beer

15 Aug

This season for interleague play the Los Angeles Dodgers played against the Detroit Tigers, and since Steve is a Tiger’s fan I thought we’d put a little wager on the series.  Steve is my buddy that lives in Michigan, the one you’ve read about in my previous posts.  If our team won the series, a six-pack of beers would be shipped to the winner.  It turns out the Dodgers took the Series 2 out of 3 games, they almost swept the Tigers, but I have to be honest, I thought I’d be the one shipping him the beers as I haven’t had much faith this season in the Boys in Blue.  I won’t get into much detail, but lets just say I haven’t been happy with the public divorce of the McCourts, and because of the didvorce, the team checkbook has been closed and they did not spend money on the Ace pitcher we so desperately needed to end the 22 year championship dry spell.

I’ve been looking for beers brewed by 3 Floyd’s here in Southern California, but haven’t had much luck. as they don’t ship to CA; I was really glad to see it when I unwrapped the beers.  The other beer is from Bell’s; so far I’ve liked all the stuff I’ve had from them, including the Hopslam I recently reviewed.  With the shipment I was also lucky enough to get some of Steve’s home brew, I’ve seen this guy brew his beer for years now and I will finally get to try it.

Love the great artwork on the bottles.

I’m drinking lemonade as I write this, but I’m heading to the beer cellar after this and will put some of this beer in the fridge to review later this weekend and during the week.  Hope you enjoy your weekend folks.

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One response to “Dodgers Win = Getting Paid with Beer

  1. Sabby2000

    August 15, 2010 at 12:39 am

    I am honored……(bows and does that lil thing with his hand….) lol… I really wish I did a better job on the homebrew……


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