Consecration by Russian River

04 Aug

I poured the beer, smelled it, and my immediate thought was, “This can’t be beer”; I was intrigued.  It is a style I’ve never had before, Sour Ale.  Bubbly like champagne when you pour it and just like it, the head fades fast.  A sour and fruity aroma, at first I couldn’t place the scent, but after I tried it, I realized that it was of grapes, sour grapes; later remembered the beer label read “with added currants”.  I had fun with it and found myself slurping it to create bubbles; the carbonation gave you a mouthful of flavor.  Just like with the aroma there is a noticeable grape and cherry flavor followed by citrus notes; a great flavor combination.  I puckered after the first taste and it would leave me with a dry mouth after it washed down.  There is lots of acid and bubbly goodness, a good contrast in flavor compared to the beers I’ve been drinking lately.

This can be a beer you can serve to your guests when you serve your main dish, with the fruit and acid note blend, it is sure to enhance the flavor of a good home cooked meal.  Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have any background on sours and this made it difficult to rate it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.  The fact that I’ve been thinking all day about pairing this beer with a meal makes it worthy of five beer caps.


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3 responses to “Consecration by Russian River

  1. Sabby2000

    August 5, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    a style I would like to exlpore more…..same with ciders…..sometimes you just gotta go outside of the box……good call man!


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