Somer Orange Honey Ale

06 Jul

Still in the mood for drinking after this past Saturday’s Blues & Brews event, I found myself driving to Lone Hill Liquor on Monday evening; I had no business going there as I still have tons of beer in a small 8×18 storage space, I call the beer cellar. I came back with two beers, one from Rogue and one from Bear Republic Brewing. There was still some light out when I got back, I’ve been neglecting my book so I opened the bottle I got from Rogue, took pictures, sipped and read.

Beer’s from Rogue never disappoint, and it was the same with this one. An unfiltered wheat ale with a fruity aroma. You can taste the orange, but I didn’t get to taste the honey until the beer became warm. When the honey became present, it was light and enjoyable, not overbearing. A very quick note of bitterness, but it fades immediately. I enjoyed drinking this beer even after it was completely warm. When I compare the Blanche De Bruxelles I had two days earlier with this one by Rogue, it’s night and day, and the citrus flavor was there, just not as dominant; a superior beer in my opinion. It’s not heavy, it’s refreshing and you can have a few and not worry about the ABV, a perfect beer for grilling on those long hot summer days.

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